Jun 7, 2019

Achilles Heel – Meaning with Examples

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Achilles’ heel refers to a person who has everything or has an overall strength, but one weakness can lead to the downfall.



This idiom originated from Greek mythology. As per Greek mythology, it was prophesied that Achilles would die at a young age. His mother Thetis held him by the ankle and dipped him in the River Styx which offered invulnerability powers. Although Achilles survived many battles, he was shot by a poisonous arrow at his heel. As his heel was not dipped in water, it eventually killed him.


Fear of heights was his Achilles heel.

Although she was a great student, Geometry was her
Achilles heel.

Rephrase the below sentences by using Achilles heel:

You blindly trust anyone, that is your weakness.

She is a good employee, but her short temper is her biggest weakness.

Synonymous Idioms:

Chink in the armor

Fear of heights was chink in his armor.

Although she was a great student, Geometry was a chink in his armor.

Antonymous Idioms:

Ace up your sleeve

If you are prepared, you should have an ace up your sleeve.

He usually has an ace up his sleeves while going to the meetings with his boss.

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