Jun 28, 2019

Apple Of Ones Eye – Idiom Meaning and Examples

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one’s favorite person or thing
a person or thing that one is proud of
most cherished person


Five brothers had one sister. She was the apple of their eyes.

She was a brilliant student and hence was the apple of every teacher’s eye.

Julie’s dog was the apple of her eye. She said that she would not live without him.


the light of one’s eyes

Mike had a lovely garden, it was the light of his eyes.

my pride and joy

Your husband loves you more than anything you are his pride and joy.

Antonymous Idioms

Snake in the grass

Please don’t trust him as you have hardly known him for a month. He could be a snake in the grass.

Mike is secretly applying for your post. He is a snake in the grass.

My maid stole my money. Who knew she would be a snake in the grass.

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