Jul 19, 2019

Bury Ones Head in Sand – Idioms Meaning and Examples

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avoid a situation by pretending it does not exist

to ignore an obvious danger

to hide from a sign of danger

refuse to deal with a situation by ignoring it

ignore a situation even though it might influence one’s situation

refuse to acknowledge a situation


Don’t bury your head in the sand and pretend everything is fine.

Why are you ignoring your cough and burying head in the sand? Please go to the doctor.

Your burying your head in the sand will not get you out of this situation. You need to face it and find a solution.


There is a myth that an ostrich bury’s it’s head when it senses danger, thinking the predator cannot see the ostrich and vice versa. This idiom is based on this myth.

Synonymous Idioms:

turn your back on

Now, you are in a good post, but that does not mean you should turn your back on your friends.

close your eyes to

Some people believe it is best to close your eyes when you see something unusual.

shut eyes to

Don’t shut your eyes to every issue; things don’t work like this.

turn a blind eye

Leela knows there is something wrong with the marks, but she turns a blind eye to it.

look the other way

It is not easy for my mother to look the other way and give me good marks because she is my class teacher. But believe me, that is not the fact.

Antonym Idioms

catch one’s attention

Your absenteeism will catch everyone’s attention. Why don’t you talk to the bosses?

keep one’s powder dry

I am happy that in spite of this news you are keeping your powder dry.

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