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Down to dumps – Idioms Meaning and Examples

in a gloomy moodunhappydepressed or sadbad economy or business Examples After losing the match, Mike felt down to the dumps. Although he failed in

Couch Potato – Idioms Meaning and Examples

A person who spends a lot of time sitting idle a person who spends a lot of time watching TV a lazy TV addict

Cost an Arm and a Leg – Idioms Meaning and Examples

very expensive a small fortune very costly a large amount of money Examples: Flying to Australia will cost us an arm and a leg.

Bury Ones Head in Sand – Idioms Meaning and Examples

avoid a situation by pretending it does not exist to ignore an obvious danger to hide from a sign of danger refuse to deal

Burn Candle From Both Ends – Idioms Meaning and Examples

to work hard to work hard for peace of mind to work hard for good health to work from early morning to late night

Bite Ones Tongue – Idiom Meaning and Examples

to stop from saying something one desperately wants to say to stop oneself from saying something to refrain oneself from saying something mostly hurtful

Apple Of Ones Eye – Idiom Meaning and Examples

one’s favorite person or thing a person or thing that one is proud of most cherished person Examples: Five brothers had one sister. She

Ants In Pants – Idiom Example and Meaning

restless excited about something worried about something anxious, uneasy or impatient unable to keep still Examples: The children have ants in pants as their

Aim for the Stars – Meaning with Examples

To set ambitious goals To aim high To try to achieve something difficult To do something challenging Examples: My dad has taught me to

Achilles Heel – Meaning with Examples

Meaning: Achilles’ heel refers to a person who has everything or has an overall strength, but one weakness can lead to the downfall. Weakness

A Piece of Cake – Meaning with Examples

Meaning: a task which is very easy something which can be done easily effortlessly done simple and straightforward task Origin: It is believed that

A Drop in the Bucket – Meaning and Examples

small when compared to the whole portion insignificant when compared to what is needed a small amount when compared to the needed amount Examples:

Idiom: A Hard Nut to Crack or a Tough Nut to Crack

a hard nut to crack a tough nut to crack Meaning: A difficult problem to solve A person who cannot be easily understood A