Aug 16, 2019

Down to dumps – Idioms Meaning and Examples

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in a gloomy mood
depressed or sad
bad economy or business


After losing the match, Mike felt down to the dumps.

Although he failed in his exams, he was not down to the dumps.

At this pace, the country’s economy will stay in the dumps for the next five years.


down in the mouth

After going to the trip, he was not down in the mouth.

singing the blues

John has been singing the blues as he had an accident last week.

in the doldrums

My dog Tiger is in the doldrums this week I cannot go to the dog show.

in low spirits

The children are in low spirits because they cannot go out in the rain.


walking on air

Paul has been walking on air after getting the new job.

as happy as a clam

The children were as happy as a clam as their school declared a holiday on account of the rain.

as happy as Larry

Riya was as happy as Larry when I saw my mark sheet.

like a bee in clover

After winning the lottery, they were living like a bee in clover.

like pigs in clover

Ravi got a high profile job now they are living like pigs in clover.

bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

Children in our school are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when they reach school.

on cloud nine

I was on cloud nine when I heard we are traveling to Australia tomorrow.

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