Jan 23, 2020

Grammar Tip – 1

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If you want to add a suffix beginning with ‘ing’ to a word ending with ‘e’, drop the ‘e’.

Here is the complete list:

badge badging
barge barging
bare baring
blare blaring
bludge bludging
booze boozing
bore boring
bounce bouncing
braise braising
breeze breezing
bridge bridging
bronze bronzing
browse browsing
bruise bruising
budge budging
bulge bulging
cadge cadging
calve calving
care caring
carve carving
cause causing
cease ceasing
chance chancing
change changing
charge charging
chase chasing
choose choosing
cleave cleaving
core coring
course coursing
crease creasing
cringe cringing
cruise cruising
cure curing
curse cursing
curve curving
dance dancing
dare daring
delve delving
dodge dodging
douse dousing
dredge dredging
drowse drowsing
drudge drudging
edge edging
fare faring
fence fencing
fire firing
flare flaring
fledge fledging
fleece fleecing
force forcing
forge forging
freeze freezing
fringe fringing
fudge fudging
give giving
glance glancing
glare glaring
gorge gorging
gore goring
gouge gouging
grease greasing
grieve grieving
groove grooving
grouse grousing
grudge grudging
halve halving
have having
heave heaving
hinge hinging
hedge hedging
hire hiring
horse horsing
house housing
judge judging
juice juicing
lance lancing
lease leasing
leave leaving
live living
lodge lodging
lose losing
lounge lounging
louse lousing
love loving
lunge lunging
lure luring
merge merging
mince mincing
mire miring
mouse mousing
muse musing
nerve nerving
nudge nudging
nurse nursing
owe owing
pare paring
parse parsing
pause pausing
piece piecing
pierce piercing
place placing
please pleasing
pledge pledging
plunge plunging
ponce poncing
pore poring
pounce pouncing
praise praising
prance prancing
price pricing
prove proving
prune pruning
puse pulsing
purge purging
purse pursing
raise raising
range ranging
rare raring
ridge ridging
rinse rinsing
rouse rousing
salve salving
sauce saucing
scale scaling
scare scaring
score scoring
seethe seething
seize seizing
sense sensing
serve serving
share sharing
shelve shelving
shore shoring
shove shoving
sire siring
sledge sledging
sluice sluicing
smudge smudging
snare snaring
sneeze sneezing
snooze snoozing
snore snoring
solve solving
source sourcing
spare sparing
sponge sponging
square squaring
stare staring
starve starving
store storing
surge surging
swerve swerving
tease teasing
tense tensing
thieve thieving
tinge tinging
turdge trudging
tweeze tweezing
urge urging
verge verging
voice voicing
waive waiving
weave weaving
wedge wedging
wheeze wheezing
whinge whinging
wire wiring
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