Nov 7, 2019

One word substitution – Collection

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agendaa list of matters to be discussed at a meeting
alliancean association between countries, organizations or states
anthologya collection of pieces of writing or poems
attendancea number of people present at a particular event or place
audiencea number of people attending a program
Bale500lb of cotton tied in a bundle
banda group of people sharing common interests
musicians, followers
a group of coyotes
a group of gorillas
a group of jays
batcha group of students, a consignment of goods
Batterya group of guns
benchthe office of magistrates or judges

One word Substitite - Collection or Group I

bevya group of girls
blocka group of building or houses
boarda group of directors
bouqueta bunch of flowers, a group of pheasants
bracea pair of pigeons, a group of ducks
brooda group of hens or of young ones
cacheof weapons or jewels
caravana group of people travelling with their animals or vehicles
a group of camels
cataloguea list of items or books
caucusmembers of a legislative body belonging to a party

One word Substitite - Collection or Group II

chesta furniture with drawers
claquea group of people who are hired to applaud
cliquea small closed group
clouda group of locusts
clustera group of islands
a group of computers
a group of grasshoppers
a group of grapes
a group of spiders
codea collection of law in a systematic order
colonya group of people on a race
columna group of people on a race
conferencea formal meeting
congregationa group of people attending religious workshop

One word Substitite - Collection or Group III

congressa discussion or series of discussion with delegates
constellationa group of stars
convoya group of ships
cortegea funeral procession
coursea series of lessons or lectures
crewa group of people working on operating a ship
drovea herd or flock of cattle
fleeta group of ships that sail together
flighta group of birds flying
flotillaa small fleet of cargo boats, boats or ships

galaxya group of billions of stars
gallerya building or room used to display art for sale
grovea small group of trees
hamleta group of houses
haulthe count of fish caught in a net
heapa collection of untidy objects
herda group of animals kept together, or that live together
hivea swamp of bees
hordea group of robbers or people
jumblea collection of untidy objects

littera collection of untidy objects
locka section of hair
ordera society of nuns or monks living under same discipline and social regulations
panela small group of people bought together for investigation
possea group of policemen
poultrybirds like chicken bread for eggs and meat
retinuea group of assistants or advisors going with an important person
rosarya string of beads
schoola group of artists, philosophers or writers sharing similar ideas
seaa group of bishops

seriessimilar events, lectures or matches
sheafa bundle of corn or wheat
shoala group of fish swimming together
streamcontinuous flow of visitors or people
stringa sequence of items that are similar
suita set of clothes that are made from the same fabric
suitea set of furniture, rooms or followers
swarma large group of insects
syllabusthe topics in the course of teaching or study

syndicatea group of organizations or individuals promoting a common interest
teama group of horses or people
thronga densely packed crowd of animals or people
troupea group of actors, dancers or artists
trussa framework of posts, bars or rafters
tufta bunch of hair, threads or grass
uniona society formed by people of same interest
volleya number of stones, bullets or arrows
worlda bunch of trouble


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