Sep 12, 2019

One Word Substitution – Government

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I have complied a list of one word substitution for Government. Go through the list and let me know what do you think. If I have missed anything, please mention in the comments.

Abdicatewillingly give up one’s throne
Ambassadora permanent representative of a state in a foreign country
Anarchya disorder due to absence of government
Aristocracya form of government by nobles or lords
Autocracygovernment managed by one person
Autonomythe right of self-government
Bureaucracygovernment managed by officials
Democracygovernment managed by the population
Despotismcruel and oppressive way to exercise absolute power
Gerontocracygovernment managed by old people

One Word Substitution Government I

Kakistocracygovernment managed by the worst citizen
Monarchygovernment managed by a monarch
Neocracygovernment managed by an inexperienced or new person
Ochlocracygovernment managed by mob
Oligarchygovernment managed by a small group of people
Panarchygovernment managed universally
Plutocracygovernment managed by the wealthy
Seculargovernment managed not by the laws of religion
Thearchygovernment managed by the gods
Theocracygovernment managed by the laws of religion


One word substitution - Government II

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