Sep 19, 2019

One word substitute – Literary Arts

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I have complied a list of one word substitution for Literary Arts. This list is important for Competitive exams like SSC, PO etc.

Refer to the list and let me know if I have left out anything.

Ambiguous something that is open to interpretation
Anonymous a word of an unknown writer
Autobiography a life story of a person written by that person
Bibliophile a person who loves and collects books
Biography a life story of a person written by someone else
Caption an explanation or title for an article, chapter of a book
Catalog a systematic order of books in a library
Comedy an entertainment created to make people laugh
Diary a book to keep a track of day to day activities
Dictionary a book with alphabetic words with their meanings and definition
Directory a book of names with addresses

One word Substitite - LITERARY ARTS I

Encyclopedia a book with knowledge of all branches
Epilogue a section of speech at the end of the book
a final speech at the end of the event
Epitome a brief summary of a book
Expurgate eliminate offensive portion in a book
Extempore an unplanned speech
Harangue an aggressive speech
Illegible something that is unreadable
Illiterate a person who cannot read or write
Maiden the first speech that is delivered by a person
Manifesto the promises put forward by the candidate for Election

One word Substitute - LITERARY ARTS II

Memoir biography written from ones memory
Obsolete a word or law that is out of date
Philistine a person who dislikes art and culture
Plagiarism take someone else’s idea and show as yours
Plagiarist a writer who borrows other author’s ideas and words
Prologue an introductory section of literature or a speech
Reticent someone who does not reveal one’s thoughts easily
Soliloquizing speak one’s thoughts aloud to oneself
Tragedy a play with sad ending
Verbose use more words than needed

One word Substitute - LITERARY ARTS III

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