Sep 19, 2019

One word substitute – Literary Arts

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I have complied a list of one word substitution for Literary Arts. This list is important for Competitive exams like SSC, PO etc.

Refer to the list and let me know if I have left out anything.

Ambiguoussomething that is open to interpretation
Anonymousa word of an unknown writer
Autobiographya life story of a person written by that person
Bibliophilea person who loves and collects books
Biographya life story of a person written by someone else
Captionan explanation or title for an article, chapter of a book
Cataloga systematic order of books in a library
Comedyan entertainment created to make people laugh
Diarya book to keep a track of day to day activities
Dictionarya book with alphabetic words with their meanings and definition
Directorya book of names with addresses

One word Substitite - LITERARY ARTS I

Encyclopediaa book with knowledge of all branches
Epiloguea section of speech at the end of the book
a final speech at the end of the event
Epitomea brief summary of a book
Expurgateeliminate offensive portion in a book
Extemporean unplanned speech
Haranguean aggressive speech
Illegiblesomething that is unreadable
Illiteratea person who cannot read or write
Maidenthe first speech that is delivered by a person
Manifestothe promises put forward by the candidate for Election

One word Substitute - LITERARY ARTS II

Memoirbiography written from ones memory
Obsoletea word or law that is out of date
Philistinea person who dislikes art and culture
Plagiarismtake someone else’s idea and show as yours
Plagiarista writer who borrows other author’s ideas and words
Prologuean introductory section of literature or a speech
Reticentsomeone who does not reveal one’s thoughts easily
Soliloquizingspeak one’s thoughts aloud to oneself
Tragedya play with sad ending
Verboseuse more words than needed

One word Substitute - LITERARY ARTS III

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