Sep 26, 2019

One Word Substitute – Marriage and Family

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Adultery a person who has an extramarital affair
Alimony the money paid to wife after divorce
Bigamy the practice of marrying someone while already married
Celibacy abstaining from marriage
Concubinage live-in-relationship without getting married
Fiancée an engaged woman
Fiancé an engaged man
Gamophobia a fear of commitment
Kin a person’s family or relation
Matriarch female head of the family or tribe
Matrimony a state of being married

Marriage & Family I - One word Substitute

Misogamist a person who hates marriage
Monogamy the practice of marrying one person
Patriarch male head of the family or tribe
Patrimony inherited property from father or male ancestor
Polyandry practice of marrying more than one male at a time
Polygamist a person who has more than one husband or wife
Polygamy practice of marrying more than one female at a time
Premarital before marriage
Spinister an unmarried woman after the age of 35
Widow a woman who has lost her husband
Widower a man who has lost his wife

Marriage & Family II - One word Substitute

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