Oct 3, 2019

One word substitute – Persons

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Agnostica person unsure about the existence of God
Altruista person who loves mankind
Amateura person who does something out of passion and not as a profession
ambidextrousa person who can write with both hands with ease
Anarchista person who wants to destroy the government, order and peace
Apostateone who changed one’s faith
Arbitratora person appointed to resolve dispute
Ascetica person who leads a religious life
Atheista person who does not believe in the existence of God

One word Substitute - Persons I

Bankrupta person or organization unable to pay their debts
Bigotan extremely religious person
Bohemianan unconventional living in an artistic way

One word Substitute - Persons II

Cacographista person who has bad handwriting or bad with spellings or both
Cannibala person who eats human flesh or human organs
Carnivorousone who eats flesh or meat
Chauvinista person who is devoted to a cause, idea or group
Connoisseuran expert judge of art and craft
Contemporariesa person existing at the same time as other
Convalescenta person recovering from medical treatment or illness
Coquettea woman who flirts
Cosmopolitana person who feels home all over the world/
citizen of the world
Cynica person who mocks other’s beliefs
Cynosuresomeone or something that is the center of attraction

One word Substitute - Persons III

Debonaira person who is stylish and charming
Demagoguea political leader who appeals his followers with a speech
Dilettantea person who has interest in literature, art or science without commitment

One word Substitute - Persons IV

Effeminatea person who has womanly characteristics
Egoista person who loves oneself
Egotista person who often talks about one’s own achievements
Emigranta person who leaves country to settle in other country permanently
Epicurea person who takes pleasure in eating and drinking

One word Substitute - Persons V

Fanatica person with an obsession for a particular religious cause
Fastidiousa person who is very particular about one’s habits and is difficult to please
Fatalista person who has immense belief in fate
Feminista person who supports women welfare
Fugitivea person who has escaped from justice

One word Substitute - Persons VI

Hedonista person who is a pleasure seeker
Henpecka husband who is ruled and ordered by his wife
Herbivorousone who eats plants
Heretica person who believes in acting against religion
Highbrowone who considers oneself as intellect
Honorarya person who holds a post without pay
Hypochondriacone who is apprehensive about one’s health

One word Substitute - Persons VII

Iconoclasta person who criticizes institutions or beliefs
Illiteratea person who does not know how to read or write
immigranta person who settles in a different country
immoralan unethical person
Impostora person tries to deceive other by pretending to be someone else
Impregnablea person who cannot be defeated
Indefatigablea person who is tireless
Insolventa person or organization unable to pay their debts
Introvertone who is reserved to oneself and does not express freely
Invinciblea powerful person who cannot be defeated
Invulnerablea person who cannot be harmed
itineranta person who travels from one place to another

One word Substitute - Persons VIII

Libertinea person who does not regard moral principles and indulges in sensual pleasure
Lunatica person who is mentally unstable

One word Substitute - Persons IX

Martyrone who is killed for one’s beliefs or a noble cause
Mercenarya person who does something for making money
Misagamista person who dislikes women
Misanthropea person who avoids human society due to hatred towards humanity
Misogamista person who hates marriage
Misologista person who hates reasoning

One word Substitute - Persons X

Namesakea person who has the same name as another person
Narcissistone who admires and loves oneself
Novicea person who is inexperienced
Numismatistsomeone who collects coins

One word Substitute - Persons XI

Omnivorousone who eats meat and plants
Optimista person with positive attitude towards life
Orphana person without parents

One word Substitute - Persons XII

Pacifista person who is against war and violence
Pedestriana person who travels on foot
Pessimista person who has negative attitude towards life
Philanderera person who enters into casual love making
Philanthropista person who promote other’s welfare and loves mankind
Philatelista person who loves to collect stamps
Philistinea person who indifferent towards art and culture
Philogynista person who admires woman and works for their welfare
Polyglota person who knows and speaks many languages
Posthumousa child who is born after the death of father
a book published that is published post the dead of the author
an award that is received after the death of the receiver

One word Substitute - Persons XIII

Recluseone who lives a solitary life
Uxoriousa person who is extremely font of his wife

One word Substitute - Persons XIV

Sadista person who derives pleasure by hurting others
Samaritana person who helps other people in need
Somnambulistone who walks in sleep
Somniloquistone who talks in sleep
Sota person who is a habitual alcoholic
Stoica person who can endure hardship and pain
Swashbucklera person who boasts

One word Substitute - Persons XV

Teetotallera person who never takes intoxicating drugs
Termaganta female who is quarrelsome
Toppera person who is a habitual alcoholic
Truanta person who remains absent from school or work without permission

One word Substitute - Persons XVI

Verboseexpress in more words than needed
Versatilea person who readily adapts to any situation
Veterana person who has extensive experience in their field
Virtuosoa person who is highly skilled in art or music
Volunteera person who freely offers ones services

One word Substitute - Persons XVII

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