Oct 10, 2019

One word substitute – Places

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Abattoira place where animals are butchered for food
Apiarya place for beehives and honey bees
Aquariuma tank for fishes or aquatic plants
Archivesa place to keep historic records
Arenaa place for entertainment, sports or wrestling
Arsenala place where military equipment or weapons are made or stored
Asyluma place for mentally ill
Aviarya large cage for keeping birds
Burrowa tunnel dug by animals for dwelling
Cachea secret storage place for provisions, valuables or ammunition

One word Substitute- Places I

Cagea place to confine birds
Casinoa place for gambling games
Cemeterya burial ground
Cloakrooma room for luggage or outdoor clothes
Conventa place for Christian nuns to live together
Crechea place where babies and children are taken care of while their parents go to work
Crematoriuma place for cremating a dead body
Decantera glass to hold wine
Dormitorya sleeping room in a college hall or university

One word Substitute- Places II

Dreya squirrel’s nest
Granarya storehouse of grains
Gymnasiuma place for physical exercise or athletic exercise
Hangara large building for housing aircraft
Hivea place where bees live
Hutcha box to keep rabbits and small animals
Infirmarya place for old people
Kennela shelter or house for dog
Lair/Dena place where wild animals rest or live

One word Substitite- Places III

Menageriea place for birds and wild animals
Minta place for coining money
Monasterya place where monks live
Morguea place where dead bodies are kept
Mortuarya place where dead bodies are kept
Orcharda place planted with fruit bearing trees
orphanagea place where orphans live
pantrya place for food and provisions
Portfolioa case holding drawings, maps or paper

One word Substitite- Places IV

Reservoira place to collect and store water
Resorta recreational place
Sanatoriuma place for treating ill people
Scullerya small room to wash pots, dishes and dirty utensils
Sheath, Scabbarda case for sword or blade
Stablea place where horse is kept
Stya place where pigs are kept
Tannerya place to tan leather
Wardrobea cupboard to keep clothes

One word Substitite- Places V

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