Oct 10, 2019

One word substitute – Places

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Abattoir a place where animals are butchered for food
Apiary a place for beehives and honey bees
Aquarium a tank for fishes or aquatic plants
Archives a place to keep historic records
Arena a place for entertainment, sports or wrestling
Arsenal a place where military equipment or weapons are made or stored
Asylum a place for mentally ill
Aviary a large cage for keeping birds
Burrow a tunnel dug by animals for dwelling
Cache a secret storage place for provisions, valuables or ammunition

One word Substitute- Places I

Cage a place to confine birds
Casino a place for gambling games
Cemetery a burial ground
Cloakroom a room for luggage or outdoor clothes
Convent a place for Christian nuns to live together
Creche a place where babies and children are taken care of while their parents go to work
Crematorium a place for cremating a dead body
Decanter a glass to hold wine
Dormitory a sleeping room in a college hall or university

One word Substitute- Places II

Drey a squirrel’s nest
Granary a storehouse of grains
Gymnasium a place for physical exercise or athletic exercise
Hangar a large building for housing aircraft
Hive a place where bees live
Hutch a box to keep rabbits and small animals
Infirmary a place for old people
Kennel a shelter or house for dog
Lair/Den a place where wild animals rest or live

One word Substitite- Places III

Menagerie a place for birds and wild animals
Mint a place for coining money
Monastery a place where monks live
Morgue a place where dead bodies are kept
Mortuary a place where dead bodies are kept
Orchard a place planted with fruit bearing trees
orphanage a place where orphans live
pantry a place for food and provisions
Portfolio a case holding drawings, maps or paper

One word Substitite- Places IV

Reservoir a place to collect and store water
Resort a recreational place
Sanatorium a place for treating ill people
Scullery a small room to wash pots, dishes and dirty utensils
Sheath, Scabbard a case for sword or blade
Stable a place where horse is kept
Sty a place where pigs are kept
Tannery a place to tan leather
Wardrobe a cupboard to keep clothes

One word Substitite- Places V

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