Oct 17, 2019

One word substitute – Science and Arts

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Botany a branch of biology that studies the plants’ life
Telepathy communication between two people without the use of physical interaction or sensory perception
Sericulture rearing silk work for producing raw silk
Alchemy the ancient branch of chemistry and natural philosophy
Astrology the ancient science of predicting the course of human destiny based on the movement and position of heavenly bodies
Horticulture the art of garden cultivation
Calligraphy the art of handwriting
Ceramics the art of making vessels and objects from clay
Rhetoric the art of persuasive writing or speaking
Gymnastics the art of physical coordination and agility displaying various acrobatics feats

One word substitution - Science & Arts I

Pedagogy the art of teaching an academic subject or theoretical concept
Cypher the art of writing a secret code or disguised way of writing
Bacteriology the branch of biology that studies bacteria
Physiology the branch of biology that studies functions and parts of living organisms
Aesthetics the branch of philosophy dealing with fine arts
Ornithology the branch of zoology that studies birds
Dactylology the communication using hands and fingers, mostly by the deaf
Lexicography the compiling and writing of dictionaries
Heliotherapy the healing using sunlight
Iconography the interpretation of picture and model

One word substitution - Science & Arts II

Cryogenics the science of application and production of very low temperature
Chronology the science of arranging events in the order of their occurrence
Cosmography the science of features and mapping of the universe
Cosmology the science of history, development, and origin of the universe
Jurisprudence the science of law
Anthropology the science of mankind development, history, and culture
Cosmogony the science of origin of the heavenly bodies
Agronomy the science of plants, soil, production of crops
Cytology the science of structure and function animal and plant cells
Geology the science of the history of the earth

One word substitution - Science & Arts III

Anatomy the science of the internal structure of living things
Aeronautics the science studying the art of flight
Eugenics the science to select parents to produce better offspring
Ethology the science to study animal behavior
Philately the study and collection of revenue/postal stamps
Orthoepy the study of accepted and correct pronunciation
Epigraphy the study of ancient inscriptions
Zoology the study of animals
Chromatics the study of colors, its hue, and saturation
Arboriculture the study of cultivating plants, trees and how cultural practices affect their environment

One word substitution - Science & Arts IV

Seismology the study of earthquake and earthquake waves
Ergonomy the study of environmental effects on the workers
Chronobiology the study of examining the periodic phenomenon in living organisms in relation to lunar and solar rhythms
Speleology the study of exploring caves
Physiognomy the study of facial expressions
Genealogy the study of family histories and ancestries
Vexillology the study of flags
Astronomy the study of heavenly bodies and celestial phenomena
Genetics the study of heredity
Paleography the study of historic and ancient handwriting

One word substitution - Science & Arts V

Philology the study of history and development of a language, written records, etc
Etymology the study of how the words originated and the change in meaning through history
Enthnology the study of human races
Entomology the study of insects
Biology the study of life forms
Petrology the study of origin, composition, and structure of rocks
Numismatics the study of paper money, coins, tokens, metals, etc.
Acoustics the study of sounds
Iconology the study of symbolism and its interpretation
Odontology the study of teeth and its disorder

One word substitution - Science & Arts VI

Demography the study of the human population with the help of statistics such as birth, death, income
Dactylography the study of the identification of fingerprints
Hagiology the study of the legends and lives of saints
Bibliography the study of the list of books about a subject
Ecology the study of the relation of the living things with their animate and inanimate environment
Histology the study of the structure of tissues
Hydropathy the treatment using water internally or externally

One word substitution - Science & Arts VII

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