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One Word Substitution Phobias

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What is a phobia? Phobia is a type of anxiety disorder where a person experiences extreme fear of something. There are more than 400 phobias. For the ease of understanding, I have categorized the phobias into different types.


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One word substitution is important in various competitive examinations like SSC, Bank exams, etc. Here is a list of all the one word substitution for phobias.

One Word Substitute – Abstract Phobias

Achievemephobia fear of success
Apeirophobia fear of infinity
Kakorrhaphiophobia fear of defeat failure
Atelophobia fear of imperfection
Atychiphobia fear of failure
Cacophobia fear of ugliness
Cellophobia fear of beauty
Cherophobia fear of happiness
Euphobia fear of good news
Dikephobia fear of justice
Ouranophobia fear of heaven
Uranophobia fear of heaven

Abstract Phobia

Uranophobia fear of heaven
Hadephobia fear of hell
Stigiophobia fear of hell
Stygiophobia fear of hell
Eleutherophobia fear of freedom
Epistemophobia fear of knowledge
Gnosiophobia fear of knowledge/ wisdom
Hedonophobia fear of experiencing pleasure
Ideophobia fear of ideas
Metathesiophobia fear of change
Mnemophobia fear of old memories
Mythophobia fear of myths

Abstract II Phobia

Philophobia fear of love / falling in love
Allodoxaphobia fear of options
Philosophobia fear of philosophy
Phobophobia fear of phobias / fear
metrophobia fear of poetry / motherhood
Peniaphobia fear of poverty
Prosophobia fear of progress
Satanophobia fear of Satan
Theophobia fear of gods / religion
Theologicophobia fear of theology
Zeusophobia fear of God / gods
Plutophobia fear of wealth

Abstract Phobia III

One Word Substitute – Action Phobia

Angrophobia fear of anger / becoming angry
Pteronophobia fear of being tickled by feathers
Chiraptophobia fear of being touched / intimacy
Haphephobia fear of being touched / intimacy
Haptephobia fear of being touched / intimacy
Aphenphosmphobia fear of being touched / intimacy
Scotomaphobia fear of blindness in visual field
Mageirocophobia fear of cooking
Agyrophobia fear of crossing street
Dromophobia fear of crossing streets
Chorophobia fear of dancing
Deipnophobia fear of dining / dinner conversation
Diposophobia fear of disposing of items
Dipsophobia fear of drinking alcohol
Disposophobia fear of getting rid of stuff

Action Phobia I

Clinophobia fear of going to bed
Peccatophobia fear of imaginary crimes / sinning
Acarophobia fear of itching / itching causing insects
Philemaphobia fear of kissing
Philematophobia fear of kissing
Geliophobia fear of laughter
Sophophobia fear of learning
Cleithrophobia fear of locked in enclosed places
Macrophobia fear of long waits
Anablephobia fear of looking up
Decidophobia fear of making decisions
Optophobia fear of opening one’s eyes
Mastigophobia fear of punishment
Poinephobia fear of punishment
Nostophobia fear of returning home

Action Phobia II

Amaxophobia fear of riding in a car
Harpaxophobia fear of robbed
Ithyphallophobia fear of seeing
Hamartophobia fear of sinning
Cathisophobia fear of sitting
Thaasophobia fear of sitting
Kathisophobia fear of sitting
Somniphobia fear of sleep
Hypnophobia fear of sleep / being hypnotized
Laliophobia fear of speaking
Lalophobia fear of speaking
Climacophobia fear of stairs/ falling downstairs / climbing
Stasibasiphobia fear of standing or walking
Stasiphobia fear of standing or walking
Cleptophobia fear of stealing

Action Phobia III

Kleptophobia fear of stealing
Kyphophobia fear of stooping
Tomophobia fear of surgical operations
Testophobia fear of taking tests
Telephonophobia fear of talking on the phone
kleptopphobia fear of theft
Phronemophobia fear of thinking
Hodophobia fear of travel
Tremophobia fear of trembling
Ambulophobia fear of walking
Ergasiophobia fear of work eg: surgeon’s fear of surgery
Ponophobia fear of work
Ergophobia fear of work eg: surgeon’s fear of surgery
Scriptophobia fear of writing in public
Graphophobia fear of writing / handwriting


One Word Substitute – Animal Phobia

Batrachophobia fear of amphibians
Zoophobia fear of animals
Chiroptophobia fear of bats
Ornithophobia fear of birds
Taurophobia fear of bulls
Ailurophobia fear of cats
Elurophobia fear of cats
Felinophobia fear of cats
Gatophobia fear of cats
Alektorophobia fear of chickens
Cynophobia fear of dogs
Anatidaephobia fear of ducks / duck is watching the person
Ichthyophobia fear of fish
Ranidaphobia fear of frogs
Equinophobia fear of horses
Hippophobia fear of horses
Muriphobia fear of mice
Musophobia fear of mice
Suriphobia fear of mice
Lutraphobia fear of otters

Animals Phobia I

Murophobia fear of rats or mice
Herpetophobia fear of reptiles / amphibians / crawly things
Galeophobia fear of sharks
Selachophobia fear of sharks
Ostraconophobia fear of shellfish
Ophidiophobia fear of snakes
Snakephobia fear of snakes
Zemmiphobia fear of the great mole rat
Bufonophobia fear of toads
Agrizoophobia fear of wild animals

Animals Phobia II

One Word Substitute – Anti-ethinic Phobia

Albanophobia fear of Albanians
Bolshephobia fear of Bolsheviks
Sinophobia fear of Chinese / Chinese culture
Christianophobia fear of Christians
Dutchphobia fear of Dutch
Anglophobia fear of English culture England
xenophobia fear of foreigners / unknown / strangers
Francophobia fear of France and French culture
Galiophobia fear of France and French culture
Gallophobia fear of France and French culture
Teutophobia fear of German or German things
Germanophobia fear of Germans / German culture / Germany
Hinduphobia fear of Hindu
Hispanophobia fear of Hispanic culture and Spanish language

Anti ethenic Phobia I

Indophobia fear of India / Indian culture
Japanophobia fear of Japanese
Nipponophobia fear of Japanese
Judeophobia fear of Jews
Koryophobia fear of Koreans
Islamophobia fear of Muslims
Colorphobia fear of people of particular color
Polonophobia fear of Polish
Lusophobia fear of Portuguese
Russophobia fear of Russians
Shiaphobia fear of Shiites
Sunniphobia fear of Sunnis
Turcophobia fear of Turks

Anti ethenic Phobia II

One Word Substitute – Body Phobia

Gerascophobia fear of aging
Pogonophobia fear of beards
Omphalophobia fear of belly buttons
Hemaphobia fear of blood
Hematophobia fear of blood
Hemophobia fear of blood
Geniophobia fear of chins
lipophobia fear of dietary fat
Ommatophobia fear of eyes
Ommetaphobia fear of eyes

body phobia I

Podophobia fear of feet
Obesophobia fear of gaining weight
Pocrescophobia fear of gaining weight
anorexia fear of getting fat / gaining weight
Chaetophobia fear of hair
Trichopathophobia fear of hair
Trichophobia fear of hair
Chirophobia fear of hands
Cardiophobia fear of heart
Genuphobia fear of knees / kneeling
geraphobia fear of old age

body phobia II

One Word Substitute – Celestial Phobia

Cometophobia fear of comets
Kosmikophobia fear of cosmic phenomenon
Meteorophobia fear of meteors
Selenophobia fear of moon
Spacephobia fear of outer space
Siderophobia fear of stars

celestial Phobia

One Word Substitute – Childbirth Phobia

Lockiophobia fear of childbirth
maieusiophobia fear of childbirth
Parturiphobia fear of childbirth
Tocophobia fear of pregnancy or childbirth
Tokophobia fear of pregnancy / childbirth / children

childbirth Phobia

One Word Substitute – Cleanliness Phobia

Ablutophobia fear of bathing or washing
Automysophobia fear of being dirty / contamination
Rupophobia fear of dirt
Ataxophobia fear of disorder or untidiness
Amathophobia fear of dust
Koniophobia fear of dust

cleanliness Phobia

One Word Substitute – Colors Phobia

Xanthophobia fear of the color yellow / the word yellow
Melanophobia fear of color black
Porphyrophobia fear of color purple
Ereuthophobia fear of color red / blushing / red lights
Erythrophobia fear of color red / blushing / red lights
Erytophobia fear of color red / blushing / red lights
Leukophobia fear of color white
Chromatophobia fear of colors
Chromophobia fear of colors

Colors Phobia

One Word Substitute – Environment Phobia

Acidophobia fear of acidic environment
Achluophobia fear of darkness
Acousticophobia fear of noise
Tachophobia fear of noise / speed

Environmental Phobia

One Word Substitute – Experience Phobia

Phalacrophobia fear of becoming bald
Taphephobia fear of being buried alive or of cemeteries
Taphophobia fear of being buried alive or of cemeteries
Clithrophobia fear of being enclosed
Anginophobia fear of choking
Pseudodysphagia fear of choking
Pnigerophobia fear of choking of being smothered
Pnigophobia fear of choking of being smothered
thanatophobia fear of death
Thanatophobia fear of death or dying
Thantophobia fear of death or dying
Necrophobia fear of death or the dead

Experience Phobia I

Aviatophobia fear of flying
Aviophobia fear of flying
Rhytiphobia fear of getting wrinkles
Dementophobia fear of insanity
Maniaphobia fear of insanity
Zelophobia fear of jealousy
Catapedaphobia fear of jumping from low and high places
Ligyrophobia fear of loud noises
Opiophobia fear of medical doctors experience
Paralipophobia fear of neglecting duty / neglecting responsibility
Athazagoraphobia fear of not remembering things / being forgotten / forgetting
Agliophobia fear of pain

Experience Phobia II

algophobia fear of pain
Odynephobia fear of pain
Odynophobia fear of pain
Arachibutyrophobia fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth
peniophobia fear of poverty/monetary problem
Doxophobia fear of receiving praise / expressing opinions
Hypegiaphobia fear of responsibility
Hypengyophobia fear of responsibility
Coasterphobia fear of roller coasters
Hormephobia fear of shock
Cnidophobia fear of stings
Merinthophobia fear of tied up / being bound

Experience Phobia III

One Word Substitute – Food Phobia

Methyphobia fear of alcohol
Potophobia fear of alcohol
Bananaphobia fear of bananas
Sitiophobia fear of food
Cibophobia fear of food, thinking they are overweight
sitophobia fear of food, thinking they are overweight
Alliumphobia fear of garlic
Carnophobia fear of meat

Food Phobia I

Mycophobia fear of mushrooms
Acerophobia fear of sourness
Phagophobia fear of swallowing
Geumaphobia fear of taste
Geumophobia fear of taste
Lachanophobia fear of vegetables
Oenophobia fear of wines


One Word Substitute – Germs Phobia

Bacteriophobia fear of bacteria
Misophobia fear of contamination
Molysmophobia fear of contamination / dirt
Molysomophobia fear of contamination / dirt
Germaphobia fear of germs
Spermatophobia fear of germs
Spermophobia fear of germs
Verminophobia fear of germs
Bacillophobia fear of microbes
Microbiophobia fear of microbes
Parasitophobia fear of parasites

Germs phobia

One Word Substitute – Height Phobia

altiphobia fear of altitude
aerophobia fear of flight / air craft / flying anxiety / flying phobia / air
Hypsiphobia fear of height
altophobia fear of heights
Batophobia fear of heights / being close to high buildings
acrophobia fear of high location
Aeroacrophobia fear of open high places

height phobia

One Word Substitute – Illness Phobia

Amnesiphobia fear of amnesia
Ataxiophobia fear of ataxia / muscular in-coordination
Nosemaphobia fear of becoming ill
Nosophobia fear of becoming ill
Tapinophobia fear of being contagious
Dysmorphophobia fear of body defect (real or imaginary)
Meningitophobia fear of brain disease
Cancerophobia fear of cancer
Coprastasophobia fear of constipation
mysophobia fear of contamination
Poliosophobia fear of contracting poliomyelitis
Monopathophobia fear of definite disease

illness phobia I

Carcinophobia fear of developing cancer
Diabetophobia fear of diabetes
Panthophobia fear of disease and suffering
pathophobia fear of disease/sickness/suffering
Diplophobia fear of double vision
Asthenophobia fear of fainting or weakness
Basiphobia fear of falling due to inability to stand
Basophobia fear of falling due to inability to stand
Kopophobia fear of fatigue
Febriphobia fear of fever
Fibriphobia fear of fever
Pyrexiophobia fear of Fever

illness phobia IIx`

Hypochondria fear of illness
Ankylophobia fear of immobility of a joint
Agateophobia fear of insanity mentally ill
Albuminurophobia fear of kidney disease
Lepraphobia fear of leprosy
Leprophobia fear of leprosy
Tetanophobia fear of lockjaw, tetanus
Hylephobia fear of materialism epilepsy
Epistaxiophobia fear of nose bleed
Defecaloesiophobia fear of painful bowels movements
Pellagrophobia fear of pellagra
Quadriplegiphobia fear of quadriplegics or fear of becoming a quadriplegic

illness phobia III

Hydrophobophobia fear of rabies
Kynophobia fear of rabies
Lyssophobia fear of rabies becoming mad
Scabiophobia fear of scabies
Dermatophobia fear of skin disease
Dermatosiophobia fear of skin disease
Dermatopathophobia fear of skin disease disease
Trichinophobia fear of trichinosis
Phthisiophobia fear of tuberculosis
Tuberculophobia fear of tuberculosis
Tyrannophobia fear of tyrants
Illyngophobia fear of vertigo / feeling dizzy on looking down
Emetophobia fear of vomiting
Aeronausiphobia fear of vomiting due to airsickness

illness phobia IV

One Word Substitute – Insects Phobia

Myrmecophobia fear of ants
Apiphobia fear of bees
Melissophobia fear of bees
Katsaridaphobia fear of cockroaches
entomophobia fear of insects
Insectophobia fear of insects
Pediculophobia fear of lice
Phthiriophobia fear of lice
Mottephobia fear of moths

insects PHOBIA i

Arachnephobia fear of spiders
Arachnophobia fear of spiders
Taeniophobia fear of tapeworms
Teniophobia fear of tapeworms
Isopterophobia fear of termites
Spheksophobia fear of wasps
Helminthophobia fear of worms
Scoleciphobia fear of worms
Scoleciphobia fear of worms

insects PHOBIA II

One Word Substitute – Light Phobia

Photophobia fear of light
Selaphobia fear of light flashes

light PHOBIA

One Word Substitute – Medical Phobia

Pharmacophobia fear of drugs/medicine
Hydrargyophobia fear of mercurial medicines
Neopharmaphobia fear of new drugs


One Word Substitute – Monetary Phobia

Chrematophobia fear of money
Chrometophobia fear of money

monetory PHOBIA

One Word Substitute – Motion Phobia

Kinesophobia fear of movement / motion
Kinetophobia fear of movement / motion
Tropophobia fear of moving or making changes

motion PHOBIA

One Word Substitute – Nature Phobia

Anemophobia fear of air drafts or wind
Cheimaphobia fear of becoming too cold cold cold things
Cheimatophobia fear of becoming too cold / cold / cold things
Frigophobia fear of becoming too cold / cold / cold things
Psychrophobia fear of becoming too cold / cold / cold things
Astrophobia fear of celestial space and stars
Nephophobia fear of clouds
Cryophobia fear of cold
Lygophobia fear of darkness
Myctophobia fear of darkness
Scotophobia fear of darkness
nyctophobia fear of darkness/night
Eosophobia fear of daylight
Phengophobia fear of daylight or sunshine
Arsonphobia fear of fire
pyrophobia fear of fire
Antlophobia fear of floods

nature PHOBIA I

Homichlophobia fear of fog
Nebulaphobia fear of fog
Hylophobia fear of forests
Nyctohylophobia fear of forests at night / dark wooded areas
Barophobia fear of gravity
Pagophobia fear of ice / frost
Limnophobia fear of lakes
Noctiphobia fear of night
Auroraphobia fear of Northern lights / auroral lights
Thalassophobia fear of ocean / waves / sea
Ombrophobia fear of rain
Pluviophobia fear of rain
Potamophobia fear of rivers or running water

nature PHOBIA II

Chionophobia fear of snow
Heliophobia fear of sun / sunlight / bright light
Tonitrophobia fear of thunder
Astraphobia fear of thunder and lightning
Astrapophobia fear of thunder and lightning
brontophobia fear of thunder and lightning
Ceraunophobia fear of thunder and lightning
keraunophobia fear of thunder and lightning
Lilapsophobia fear of tornadoes and hurricanes
Aquaphobia fear of water
hydrophobia fear of water
Cymophobia fear of waves
Kymophobia fear of waves
Dinophobia fear of whirlpools
Ancraophobia fear of wind draft


One Word Substitute – Novelty Phobia

Neophobia fear of anything new
Cenophobia fear of new ideas or things
Centophobia fear of new ideas or things
Kainolophobia fear of new novelty
Kainophobia fear of new novelty
Cainophobia fear of novelty
Cainotophobia fear of novelty


One Word Substitute – Numbers Phobia

Octophobia fear of figure 8
Paraskevidekatriaphobia fear of Friday the 13th
Paraskavedekatriaphobia fear of Friday the 13th
trikaidekaphobia fear of number thirteen
Arithmophobia fear of numbers
Numerophobia fear of numbers calculations
Triskaidekaphobia fear of the number 13
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia fear of the number 666
Quintaphobia fear of the number five
Quadraphobia fear of the number four

numbers PHOBIA

One Word Substitute – Objects Phobia

Automatonophobia fear of animatronic creatures, ventriloquist’s dummies, wax statues
Asymmetriphobia fear of asymmetrical things
Xyrophobia fear of razors
Globophobia fear of balloons
Cyclophobia fear of bicycles
Bogyphobia fear of bogeys
bibliophobia fear of books
Ballistophobia fear of bullets, missiles
Koumpounophobia fear of buttons
Textophobia fear of certain fabrics
Consecotaleophobia fear of chopsticks
Sidonglobophobia fear of cotton balls plastic foams

Objects PHOBIA I

Staurophobia fear of crosses or the crucifix
Seplophobia fear of decaying matter
Pediophobia fear of dolls
Scatophobia fear of fecal matter
Coprophobia fear of feces / defecation
Hoplophobia fear of firearms
Aulophobia fear of flutes
Doraphobia fear of fur animal skin
Hyalophobia fear of glass
Hyelophobia fear of glass
Nelophobia fear of glass
Crystallophobia fear of glass or crystal


Aurophobia fear of gold
Megalophobia fear of large things
Hygrophobia fear of liquid damp moisture
Metallophobia fear of metal
Catoptrophobia fear of mirrors
Trypanophobia fear of needles or injections
Dextrophobia fear of objects which are at the right side of the body
Xylophobia fear of of wooden objects
Papyrophobia fear of paper
Enetophobia fear of pins
Belonephobia fear of pins and needles
Pupaphobia fear of puppets


Aichmophobia fear of sharp things eg: pencils, needles, pointed objects, sharp edges
Blennophobia fear of slime
Myxophobia fear of slime
Microphobia fear of small things
Mycrophobia fear of small things
Linonophobia fear of string
Walloonphobia fear of balloons
Sinistrophobia fear of things to the left or left
Levophobia fear of things to the left side of the body
Placophobia fear of tombstones
Siderodromophobia fear of trains, railroads or train travel
Ochophobia fear of vehicles


One Word Substitute – Odor Phobia

Halitophobia fear of bad breath
Bromidrophobia fear of body smells
Bromidrosiphobia fear of body smells
Osmophobia fear of odors
Osphresiophobia fear of odors
Autodysomophobia fear of one with an unpleasant odor
Olfactophobia fear of smells


One Word Substitute – Others Phobia

Thermophobia fear of heat / hot things
Dystychiphobia fear of accidents
Cholerophobia fear of anger cholera
centrophobia fear of being in the center
Vestiphobia fear of clothing
Rhypophobia fear of defecation
Oneirophobia fear of dreams
Xerophobia fear of dryness
Electrophobia fear of electricity
Panophobia fear of everything
Pantophobia fear of everything
Xenoglossophobia fear of foreign

Others I


Photoaugliaphobia fear of glaring lights
Samhainophobia fear of Halloween
Traumatophobia fear of injury
Liticaphobia fear of lawsuits
Polyphobia fear of many things
Eisoptrophobia fear of mirrors and one’s reflection in mirror
Melophobia fear of music
Nomatophobia fear of names
Teleophobia fear of of definite plans
Ponophobia fear of overworking or of pain
Hierophobia fear of priests sacred things

Other phobia II

Atephobia fear of ruin
Hagiophobia fear of saints holy things
Amychophobia fear of scratches
Homilophobia fear of sermons
Sciaphobia fear of shadows
Sciophobia fear of shadows
Vitricophobia fear of step
Psellismophobia fear of stuttering
Symbolophobia fear of symbolism
Symmetrophobia fear of symmetry
Vaccinophobia fear of vaccination
Phonophobia fear of voices telephones one’s own voice

Other phobia III

One Word Substitute – Paranormal Phobia

daemonophobia fear of demons
Demonophobia fear of demons
Phasmophobia fear of ghosts
Spectrophobia fear of ghosts
Pneumatiphobia fear of spirits
Kinemortophobia fear of zombies

Paranormal Phobia

One Word Substitute – People Phobia

Androphobia fear of adult men
Scelerophibia fear of bad men, burglars
Peladophobia fear of bald people
Caligynephobia fear of beautiful women
Venustraphobia fear of beautiful women
Hobophobia fear of beggars
Coulrophobia fear of clowns
Scelerophobia fear of criminals/burglars
Demophobia fear of crowds

People I

Enochlophobia fear of crowds
ochlophobia fear of crowds mobs
Cacomorphobia fear of fat people
Hominophobia fear of men
Arrhenphobia fear of men
Achondroplasiaphobia fear of midgets
Papaphobia fear of Pope
Anuptaphobia fear of staying single
gynaephobia fear of women
Gynophobia fear of women

People II

One Word Substitute – Places Phobia

Coimetrophobia fear of cemeteries
Topophobia fear of certain places or situations, such as stage fright
Ecclesiophobia fear of church
Cremnophobia fear of cliff
bathophobia fear of depths
Kenophobia fear of empty spaces/ voids
claustrophobia fear of enclosed spaces
Trypophobia fear of holes
Ecophobia fear of home
Nosocomephobia fear of hospitals

Places Phobia I

Domatophobia fear of houses/ being in the house
Eicophobia fear of houses/ being in the house
Oikophobia fear of houses/ being in the house home surrounding
Stenophobia fear of narrow things or places
Orthophobia fear of property
agoraphobia fear of public location/ open location
Didaskaleinophobia fear of school
Scolionophobia fear of school
Bathmophobia fear of stairs or steep slopes
Theatrophobia fear of theaters

Places Phobia II

One Word Substitute – Plants Phobia

Pteridophobia fear of ferns
Anthophobia fear of flowers
Anthrophobia fear of flowers
Botanophobia fear of plants
Dendrophobia fear of trees

Plants phobia

One Word Substitute – Poison Phobia

Iophobia fear of poison
Toxicophobia fear of poison or of being accidentally poisoned
Toxiphobia fear of poison or of being accidentally poisoned
Toxophobia fear of poison or of being accidentally poisoned

Poison Phobia

One Word Substitute – Prejudices Against People Phobia

Gerontophobia fear of aging elderly
Teratophobia fear of bearing a deformed child or fear of monsters or deformed people
Biphobia fear of bisexual
Paedophobia fear of children dolls
Pedophobia fear of children/ babies
Heterophobia fear of heterosexual opposite sex
Homophobia fear of homosexuals, mostly gays
Lesbophobia fear of lesbians
Psychophobia fear of mentally ill mind
Apotemnophobia fear of persons with amputations
Ephebiphobia fear of teenagers youth
Sexophobia fear of the opposite sex
Transphobia fear of transgender
Wiccaphobia fear of witches and witchcraft

Prejudices against people phobia

One Word Substitute – Profession Phobia

Politicophobia fear of abnormal dislike of politicians
Dentophobia fear of dentists
Odontophobia fear of dentists teeth dental surgery
catrophobia fear of doctors
Latrophobia fear of doctors going to doctors

Profession phobia

One Word Substitute – Relatives Phobia

Pentheraphobia fear of mother-in- law
Novercaphobia fear of one’s step- mother mother-in-law
Soceraphobia fear of parents
Syngenesophobia fear of relatives

Relatives phobia

One Word Substitute – Science Phobia

Atomosophobia fear of atomic explosion
Motorphobia fear of automobiles
Chemophobia fear of chemicals chemistry
Logizomechanophobia fear of computers
Cyberphobia fear of computers/technology
Mechanophobia fear of machines
Nucleomituphobia fear of nuclear weapons
Radiophobia fear of radiation x- rays
Hellenologophobia fear of scientific terminology Greek terms
Technophobia fear of technology
Telephonophobia fear of telephones

Science phobia

One Word Substitute – Situational Phobia

Gephydrophobia fear of bridges crossing bridges
Gephysrophobia fear of bridges crossing bridges
Vehophobia fear of driving
Counterphobia fear of fearful situations
Pteromerhanophobia fear of flying

Situational phobia

One Word Substitute – Social Phobia

Social Phobia fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations
Gelotophobia fear of being laughed at
Catagelophobia fear of being ridiculed
Scopophobia fear of being seen or stared at
Scoptophobia fear of being seen or stared at
Ophthalmophobia fear of being seen being stared at
Rhabdophobia fear of being severely punished or beaten by a rod, or of being severely criticized
Gamophobia fear of commitment/marriage
Enosiophobia fear of criticism committing sin
Soteriophobia fear of dependence on others
Patroiophobia fear of heredity

Social Phobia I

Autophobia fear of isolation/solitude abandonment
Eremophobia fear of isolation/solitude/ being alone/ loneliness
Isolophobia fear of isolation/solitude/ being alone/ loneliness
Monophobia fear of isolation/solitude/ being alone/ loneliness
Gymnophobia fear of nudity
Nudophobia fear of nudity
Anthropophobia fear of people or society
Katagelophobia fear of ridicule
Koinoniphobia fear of rooms full of people rooms
Sociophobia fear of social evaluation society or people in general
Glossophobia fear of speaking in public


One Word Substitute – Time Phobia

Chronomentrophobia fear of clocks
Chronophobia fear of time future passing of time moving ahead in time


One Word Substitute – Words Phobia


Onomatophobia fear of hearing a certain word names
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia fear of long words
Sesquipedalophobia fear of long words
Logophobia fear of words
Verbophobia fear of words


Please let me know if I missed any or what do you think about this list in the comments section.

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